Tenderloins done right!

I’m gonna show you how I prep and cook my tenderloins for any deer I shoot. I prefer to remove them as soon as possible, rinse them well with cold water, and trim any fat and silver skin immediately. Then allow to chill in the fridge before seasoning them.

Next you will need just a few things to begin. A mortar and pestle is a must. Starting with whole ingredients for your spices is key for getting a more robust flavor from them.

You will need whole peppercorns, rosemary leaves, garlic salt and some olive oil. Place your tenderloins in a dish. Start by liberally sprinkling them with garlic salt. Pay attention to get all the edges and the ends. Then, crush up some peppercorns with the mortar/pestle to a consistency somewhere between coarse and fine. Again, sprinkle liberally over the tenderloins in the same manner mentioned above. Next, crush up some rosemary leaves, and once again sprinkle over the tenderloins, but not as much as the previous ingredients. Be sure to press each of these into the meat well and allow to rest, covered, in the fridge for at least a couple hours or longer. I drizzle olive oil over them about an hour before cooking, once again rubbing all of the seasonings and the oil into the meat.

A hot grill is best, but for cooking inside, get that cast iron pan hot and add just a little olive oil to the pan. Sear the first side well and cook for 3-4 minutes per side. Depending on the size of the loins, and how you prefer red meat, you will adjust this time. I like mine medium rare. Do not over cook!! You’re better off to remove early and have to return to the pan for additional time, than to overcook them. I usually serve them with my “crunchy potatoes” and corn, but you do whatever the hell ya like.



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