Limited Edition Custom Order Handmade Glass over Slate Pot Call with Your Own Personalized Photo


This is a Limited Edition, Custom Order, Handmade Glass over Slate Pot Call, with Your Own Personalized Photo inlayed underneath the glass. Made from a variety of exotic woods including Purple Heart and Maple. No two calls are identical. Please email me a Personal Photo that you would like inlayed underneath the glass. High quality photos work best with your photo subjects being in a circular shape. We will do our best to fit the focus of your photo within a 3 inch circle. We can adjust the size of your photo (to a degree) to attempt to fit the subject within the 3 inches. If the first image you submit will not work, we are willing to attempt different pictures until you are satisfied. We will send a proof prior to assembly at your request. Production will take 1-2 weeks to add your personal photo.

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