2017 Fall Turkey Shotgun Season

We have just one week to go until the fall shotgun season for turkey opens in certain WMU’s in New Hampshire. This is a great time to get those kids back out there hunting turkeys. If you bought your turkey tag for the spring hunt, then you already have your tag for the fall. Why not make good use of this fall opportunity to get your son/daughter back out there to make some more memories. The fall shotgun season only last for 7 days, from Oct. 16th through the 22nd this year, and allows for the taking of either a hen or a tom. There’s still enough daylight after work/school to get out there during the week. The weekend days for the fall shotgun season for turkey is also youth hunting weekend for deer. Plenty of chances for filling those tags for the kids. Don’t make excuses, make the time! You’ll be glad you did.

Good luck out there and remember …

Hunt hard. Hunt safe. Have fun.


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